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Many of you might remember my Radio Schizo podcast - http://www.radioschizo.org

February 28, tomorrow, Friday night, 5 PM - 7 PM, Central Standard Time, Kaos Radio, locally 95.9 FM in Austin, will broadcast "In The Throws of Resistance," an underground DIY hc/punk/garage radio show, half of which will be hosted by yours truly under the Radio Schizo aegis.

You can listen online @ 5 PM - 7 PM CST, FRIDAY NIGHT @ http://www.kaosradioaustin.org/

They did a Bill Hicks tribute last night.

I'm going to try to podcast-archive it. If anyone is on a Mac and wants to "tape" it to their hard drive using Audio Hijack or something, that would rock.

In any event, I will try to cover a lot of ground between what I consider 'real' MODERN (post-2001) hc/punk and stuff that links it to the culturally subversive rock 'n roll, garage rock, etc., tradition at-large.

01 March 2006 @ 10:42 pm
We are moving the band to Ft. Wayne.
29 August 2005 @ 12:15 pm
To listen to new recordings, click here.
To download new recordings, click here.
To read the Attack! Fanzine interview, click here.

Notes about the recordings --
These are just rough studio mixes. The final versions will be a lot cleaner, and more than likely have different vocals.
We lost 2 members yesterday.
The BSA and State shows have been called off.
More details here


We are currently looking for a drummer. You must be able to play fast, play smooth rolls, keep good tempo, change things up a bit, and have a positive attitude. We are looking for someone who will be reliable and someone who wants to go far with this band. We have all the necessary equipment that a band needs, including a loud ass P.A. If you are interested, and live in/around Indianapolis, please get in touch with us through our website: http://www.welcometothenuclearage.com

P.S. If you have a place to practice, that would be even better...

*Important* If you are straight-edge or have a problem with people who aren't straight-edge, don't bother contacting us.

08 July 2005 @ 02:59 pm



27 June 2005 @ 01:38 pm
We got confirmed for the show on SUNDAY, JULY 31ST.

The line-up so far:

BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE - Searing d-beat holocaust from TX, for fans of Totalitar
ARMY OF JESUS - Void / DCHC worship from TX, awesome shit
WASTELAND DC - Circle Pit City hardcore thrash warriors
ONE NATION UNDER GOD - Indy's new masters of crust

Still waiting on confirmation from AGHAST (Atrocious Madness/Confuse worship from VA)

@ Bubba's Bowling / Indianapolis, IN

Time/Cost - 7pm $6
20 June 2005 @ 10:49 pm
artworkCollapse )
20 June 2005 @ 11:42 am
Andy quit the band. Now on vocals, we have Eric and Sarah. Craig is our new drummer. I am playing guitar with Evan and doing backup vocals. The new songs fucking rip.
19 April 2005 @ 03:06 pm
I found you guys off of the Restarts friendlist... and I noticed that you weren't spammed as fuck like every other punk band on myspace so i gave u guys a listen. You guys are by far one of the best fucking punk bands on myspace, when you come out w/another demo or ep or w/e the fuck plz send it to me!!

can you add me up?!

im really a fan of your band,your music really kicks ass!!!hehehe!!!hope you can drop by sometimes here on our shithole country (philippines) and play! and maybe if you can give me some info about your new cd releases or whats going on right now on your band i would really appreciate it

by the way here's my email:


thanks a lot!!!

good luck and more power to One Nation Under God!

Are you guys coming to South Bend any time soon? Keep up the good work, so far "wage slave" is my favorite, and where will I be able to buy this upcoming album you guys say your putting together?

You guys kick ass, looking forward to the May shows!

You guys rip.

Thanks for making awesome-as-hell tunes. And thanks for adding Dismay. Stay punk, and party on.
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12 April 2005 @ 02:39 pm
So I have the One Nation Under God demo covers made. 200 of them, hand numbered. The first 100 will have a lyric insert, poster, a patch and a sticker. (I need to get new stickers made actually... there isn't much time before our first show to get this done. damnit).

The rest of the covers have lyric inserts and that's it.

I need to get these cut, folded and laminated this week.

If anyone wants a demo, reply here. It will sound much better than previous mp3s, as the vocals will be screamed, the music will be better, and the overall mix will be better.

They will be $5 - we need this money so we can save to do our full length.


http://www.myspace.com/onenationundergod ( alternate )