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19 April 2005 @ 03:06 pm
Comments from MySpace  
I found you guys off of the Restarts friendlist... and I noticed that you weren't spammed as fuck like every other punk band on myspace so i gave u guys a listen. You guys are by far one of the best fucking punk bands on myspace, when you come out w/another demo or ep or w/e the fuck plz send it to me!!

can you add me up?!

im really a fan of your band,your music really kicks ass!!!hehehe!!!hope you can drop by sometimes here on our shithole country (philippines) and play! and maybe if you can give me some info about your new cd releases or whats going on right now on your band i would really appreciate it

by the way here's my email:


thanks a lot!!!

good luck and more power to One Nation Under God!

Are you guys coming to South Bend any time soon? Keep up the good work, so far "wage slave" is my favorite, and where will I be able to buy this upcoming album you guys say your putting together?

You guys kick ass, looking forward to the May shows!

You guys rip.

Thanks for making awesome-as-hell tunes. And thanks for adding Dismay. Stay punk, and party on.
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